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Sew Byron


Did you say Stitching? That's our Jam!

We love making things, nutting out how they go together and making them to perfection. 


It's what we do!

  • We can make a garment from a pattern you already have

  • You can buy a pattern from spotlight and we can construct it according to your standard waist, bust and hip measurements. (for tricky shapes this make require a toile process)

  • We can make a pattern, and construct it. Click here for further details on patterning

  • We can copy a favour garment. Click here to find out where to start


We have made samples for a range of local and international designers, and would love the opportunity to work with you. Check out some of the brands we have worked with. Click here.

If you're enquiring about this stage you will have most of your boxes ticked.

  • Patterns

  • Toile

  • Specification Sheets (Tech Pack)

  • Fabric

Please enquire directly through our website for information regarding this process.

Our Sample Charge Rate is$45.00 per hour. Once we have seen what you need, along with fabric samples we will be able to provide you with a rough estimate. 

Personal Client Work